‘Koudwatervrees’ during the second Swimrun Lauwersoog

The undulating and especially cold water in het Nieuwe Robbengat and the Buitenhaven seemed to be the biggest challenge in advance for the more than 100 participants of the Beleef Lauwersoog Swimrun. Last Saturday they went running and swimming through the most beautiful nature reserve in the Northern Netherlands. Dressed in special wetsuits and suitable running shoes, it was the first time for many of the well-trained athletes to participate in the spectacular tour that is organized annually by Stichting 40 Mijl. The surprisingly powerful autumn sun turned out to be unable to heat the 13 degrees cold water to a more pleasant temperature. For many of the participants, however, the idea of ​​a splash in the ice-cold water during the trip became a pleasant prospect. Running in the wetsuits under the burning sun on the open sea dike pushed the temperature in the neoprene suits to great heights. Even strolling through the tank canal in the Marnewaard military training ground was a pleasant surprise.
After a brief briefing in which the participants were informed of the challenges they would encounter along the way, the sportsmen and sportswomen, often in pairs, made a varied tour through the forests of Lauwersmeer and large stretches of fresh and saltwater. Everything went smoothly under the supervision of boats and canoes from the Groningen Canoe Association and many volunteers on land. The largest part distances that were covered were 1.5 kilometers of swimming and 7 kilometers of running. In the end, almost all athletes completed the 10, 18 or 28 kilometers. Afterward the top athletes could enjoy a well-deserved hot shower and a well-filled pasta at Camping Experience Lauwersoog and an enthusiastic applause from the spectators.

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