Swimrunning for the first time? You must have a lot of questions!

We can probably already answer most of them here.

If you have a question that is not listed here, you can of course always contact us.

01 Swim running, is that something for me?

Yes, of course, if you are somewhat adventurous and sporty, and if you don’t mind deviating from the norm. Because who’s going to run in a wet suit and swim with running shoes on? That can only be one, that’s you! Yet?

02 Is the Swimrun safe?

You sport in nature. That of course always brings dangers. We try to keep those risks as small as possible and work with strict safety protocols and permits. Unfortunately, of course, we cannot exclude everything. You therefore participate at your own risk. Of course we have people everywhere who look closely with you and who can offer assistance in the event of an emergency. We are obliged to do this according to the permit, and we do not want it to be otherwise, because it must of course remain fun.

03 Do I have to be a top athlete to participate?

Ehhmm, yes, we think so … at least a little bit ….
You must have a reasonable swimming condition and you must not be afraid of running on different surfaces. Participating sometime because the rest of the office also works is not the target group we are targeting. We therefore also maintain strict transit times. Therefore appearing untrained at the start is not a good idea. In addition, we also check whether you have the appropriate equipment, because otherwise you are not allowed to participate. It is therefore a serious event.

04 What requirements must my equipment meet?

We want to set up a serious event, so we also have serious rules. You can read exactly what is and what is not allowed in our regulations. In short, the same rules apply to us as during regular Swimrun competitions. You run in a wet suit, you swim with your running shoes on. In addition, you wear a bathing cap and vest, you possibly use some floating material, and you have small material with you for calamities, such as a flute and some first aid stuff. Remember that everything you take with you at the start must also be with you at the finish.

05 Do I bring my own food and drinks for the trip?

You get some food and drink from us on the way. We are of course not everywhere along the route, so it is wise to bring some extras yourself. Our experience is that what sports gels have with you is wise to get over a dead end.

06 Do I follow a route or do I have to determine a course myself?

The route is marked with arrows, flags and buoys. We also provide a GPS route. So you don’t have to think of a route yourself. Of course you could, but if you follow our route we know for sure that you will arrive at the most beautiful parts of the Lauwermeer area.

07 Do I have to wear a Swimrun wetsuit?

You have to wear a wetsuit, but it is up to you whether you choose a real Swimrun wetsuit, or that you appear in a cut-off swimsuit that you still had in a triathlon competition, or that you appear in a surf wetsuit. The latter are not really suitable for our event, but if this is the first time for you and you want to try it, we will not stop you. Keep in mind that you also have to run in it!

08 Is my expensive triathlon swimsuit suitable for the Swimrun?

Swimsuits, wetsuits that are made for a quick swim, are usually made of very delicate material. You must be careful with your nails when putting on, because before you know it you will make a hole in it. Because during transitions and while running through the forest you cannot always be careful, it is wise not to take that nice suit to a Swimrun.
Many people who start using Swimrun use a discarded suit for this, and they also cut off their sleeves and legs.
In addition, there are special Swimrun suits that offer extra protection for vulnerable neoprene in important places with a nylon cover. Another advantage of these suits is that there are extra pockets on them so that you can take food, first aid items, your route map and GPS equipment with them. Some of these suits also have a zipper on both the front and back, making it easier to open the suit if it gets too hot while running.

09 You usually do Swimrun in pairs, can I participate individually?

Yes, you can participate individually at our event. Our journey is relatively short and the parts through the water are well-arranged and in most cases through not too deep water. The forest is of course a bit less manageable, but that is why we ensure that we also have people on bikes who check that no crazy things are happening. If you dare, you can participate individually at your own risk. If you prefer to go for certainty, you can of course always undertake the trip with two or more people.

10 Can you swim in the Lauwersmeer region?

Yes, you can swim in the Lauwersmeer area. There are several beaches where you can go into the water. However, you will notice that it takes a while before you can actually swim. The first part is often gradual. Fortunately the soil is hard sand, so that should go well. During the Swimrun we ensure that it is clear where you have to go into the water and from where and to where you can swim. And yes … swimming in the Lauwersmeer area is certainly possible.

11 Do I want to swim in salt water?

Well, if you want to swim in salt water, we can’t tell. The water is a bit colder, a bit wilder and of course it tastes a lot less fine. So keep your mouth shut!
After the stretch through the harbor, you also swim at least once through fresh water. Your wetsuit will be rinsed clean again; you don’t have to leave it at that.

12 Transitions from land to water, what should I take into account?

The Lauwersmeer is a nature reserve that has formed over the past 50 years. The pieces of land formed on the higher-lying sand humps. The transition from land to water is therefore very gradual almost everywhere. You are therefore not allowed to dive into the water. And you won’t do that either, because you can see from the side that it’s not wise. Just below the water surface you can see the bottom, including large rocks …. well sport in nature, it is of course not a swimming pool 😉

13 Showering afterwards, is that possible?

Showering afterwards is certainly possible. Camping Experience Lauwersoog makes all its showers available for our event. you can rinse your expensive wetsuit and you can wash the sweat off your body. Perhaps it takes some getting used to after swimming through the water, because just assume that those showers will feel hot in the first place …

14 Do I have to indicate in advance what distance I want to run?

For us it is useful if we know in advance whether you are going for the 10K or 10M. But if you think during the trip that you can handle more, or that you want to go a little less far, then that’s fine. After 10K you will pass the start / finish point. You can then decide whether you want to go further.

15 Can my family come and watch?

Of course your family can come and watch. I would like to, because we think that makes the event even more fun. The start and finish location at the camping Experience Lauwersoog is great for seeing you leave and coming in, and while you are on the road drinking a cup of coffee or playing in the playground. Halfway through the tour, they can also stand at Restaurant de former Noorman, so that they can see you come running through the harbor and dive into the salt water in the harbor itself.

16 Can I be first?

Of course you can make a competition out of anything, so we made a competition out of it. But to be honest, we like it as much as you participate as an event participant. Then this Swimrun is not a competition but just a nice trip for people who want to Swimrun in a beautiful nature reserve. Anyway, you are welcome in both cases!

17 Do you keep track of time?

At the start / finish there is a clock on which we show the time. We use individual chips to keep track of participant times, which is handy for the competition, but also just fun when you come to the Swimrun as an event participant. Via Uitslagen.nl you can see how long you have spent on the route. We publish all names and times there. If you would rather not have that, just let us know and we will remove your data from there.

18 Who organizes the Beleef Lauwersoog Swimrun?

The Experience Lauwersoog Swimrun is organized by us, Stichting 40 Mijl. We have experience with organizing large walking tours around the Lauwersmeer, organize the marathon next year and are very closely involved in the Groningen Swim Challenge. And because Swimrun is a perfect sporting challenge for the Lauwersmeer region, we have decided to do this too.
And we do that together with the Beleef Lauwersoog campsite. When we introduced it, they were immediately enthusiastic. We think that together we can create an incredible event.

19 Why do I register via Inschrijven.nl?

You register via Inschrijven.nl because we have experienced that through that organization we can maintain good administration and in this way we can set up a great event with good support and facilities.

20 Blue algae in the water, what do you do then?

We create a beautiful route through het Nieuwe Robbengat. That water quality is checked by het Waterschap. If it appears that it is not wise to swim there, we will initially look for an alternative route. If that does not work then we will have to cancel the event or postpone it to another moment. Our experience, however, is that the water in September is of sufficient quality; so we are not worried and assume that it will be a great event.

In 2018 there was a warning during our event for the Lauwersmeer. If a warning applies to a swimming spot, it means that swimming at that location can be bad for your health. You are allowed to swim there, you have to decide for yourself whether there is a health risk (for example in the case of algal blooms). We then let the event go on. One participant reported afterwards that he was somewhat nauseous.

As far as we are concerned, the event therefore continues with a warning. Keep your mouth tight when swimming and take a good shower afterwards to prevent a lot of trouble. If you decide to participate, it is at your own risk!