10 kilometers, 10 miles or even 15 miles run and swim in the Lauwersmeer area, the largest nature reserve in the Northern Netherlands that was until 1969 the old Lauwerszee, a cove of the Wadden Sea. In this beautiful dammed piece of new nature around the port of Lauwersoog we have set out a route that takes the participants along the most beautiful and challenging pieces of nature in the Northern Netherlands.

The Lauwersmeermeer and its surroundings are valuable for nature, agriculture, recreation, military use and the storage and drainage of water from the provinces of Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen. After the closure of the Lauwerszee, the high-lying seabeds, which previously belonged to the mudflats, became dry. Due to the constant inflow of fresh water from the Reitdiep, the Dokkumer Ee and the Dokkumergrootdiep, the water in the Lauwersmeer became salt-salty and then sweet. Nature changed with that.

The route that we have set out from Camping Lauwersoog goes through het nieuwe Robbengat, via the military training ground the Marnewaard and the forests in the northern part of the nature reserve to the harbor in the Wadden Sea. Because of their recreational function, all of these areas are perfect for running and swimming.

The route starts and stops at Camping Lauwersoog . Before the start, participants can register and change clothes on the site of the campsite. There is enough space to park cars. The campsite’s showers can be used afterwards.

Around the event, the fans can of course use the facilities of ‘Experience Lauwersoog’: restaurant Het Booze Wijf , on the campsite or restaurant De Voormalig Noorman in the harbor of Lauwersoog.

During a Swimrun event you swim with your shoes on and run in your wetsuit.
During the 10K trip, the participants switch between running and swimming four times, and six times during the 10M trip. The distances that they swim are a maximum of 700 meters and the running distances between 1 and 5 kilometers. During the 15M route the extreme of the participants is asked. The longest segments of the route are 1.5 km of swimming and 6 km of running, the latter also through loose sand and through the tank moat.

First aid stations are located at the start and finish, halfway het Nieuwe Robbengat and in the harbor at restaurant De Voormalig Noorman.


15 Miles, 28 Kilometers

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10 Miles, 18 Kilometers

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11.5 Kilometers

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Segmenten en Afstanden (meters)