This event is organized by

Stichting 40 Mijl
Sietse Veldstraweg 98
9833 PC Den Ham

KvK 68168861
BTW NL857330561B01

Telefoon: 085 2016 534

Requirements and conditions

Every participant must show a document proving his / her identity.

Participation is at ‘own risk.

To participate in this event, the participant must be at least 18 years old and be able to swim well. The participant declares that he / she is aware of the fact that participation requires good health in both a psychological and physical sense, and declares that he / she meets this requirement.

The organizer is not liable for any damage, by whatever name, that the participant may suffer as a result of participation, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence attributable to the organizer. This exclusion of liability also applies to serious damage types such as all possible damage types as a result of injury or death. The organizer is never liable for indirect damage, including wage costs and medical expenses, lost profit, regardless of the way in which it arose.

The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage that he or a surviving relative might suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by his participation in the event.

The participant indemnifies the organizer against liability for damage that third parties might suffer as a result of actions or omissions attributable to a participant with regard to the event. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for said damage.

The preceding provisions do not affect any liability on the basis of mandatory law.


The organization has taken out liability insurance for this event. If the participant thinks he qualifies, he / she must make this known as soon as possible.

After registration, the registration fee must be paid as quickly as possible. Refund is not possible. It is not allowed to resell a participation place. It is not possible to use the entry fee for another race or for another edition.

If a participant is excluded from participation due to jury decision because his / her material is not in order, the participant is physically unable to complete the event safely or on time, unfair methods have been used, or other reasons, no refund will be made.

After payment, the participant is entitled to participate in the competition and he / she will receive a water-resistant vest and swimming cap. In addition, the organization provides supplies during competitions (5 for long, 4 for mid and 3 for short distance), showers and toilet, a marked trail and safety on water and land.


Where necessary, the trail is marked with markings and signage. This route must be followed by all participants. If this route is not followed, participants will be excluded from further participation and all rights will lapse.

Along the way, water and food are offered at various land stations.

A few first aid posts have been set up on land, often close to the water.

It is allowed to explore the trail in advance. The participant must take into account his / her own safety and that of others. If necessary, additional (training) instructions are provided by the organization.


All the material that the participant has with him at the start must be taken along the entire route, up to and including the finish, including food packaging material. Participants wear a wetsuit that is suitable for the current water temperature. Every participant is in possession of a signal whistle.

The swimming cap, race number and water-resistant vest provided by the organization must be clearly visible. These requirements are checked by the organization prior to commencement.

In addition, a map is provided by the organization.

Because the number of water posts is limited, it is recommended to bring a drinking bag during the trip.

It is not allowed to take floating objects larger than 100×60 cm. Swimming flippers larger than 15 cm are not allowed.


The event time is measured from start to finish. There are various checkpoints along the way. The location of these checkpoints and the corresponding transit times are announced in advance. If a participant does not pass the control point before this passenger time, the participant is excluded from further participation. If a participant is excluded, he / she must report to the organization as soon as possible at the finish.


Participants must be aware of the rules and abide by them.

The participant must treat the other participants, the organization, spectators and other users of the area with respect. A participant may not use unfair methods that could give him a (physical) advantage.

It is not allowed to take the course with the help of others, with the exception of the organization.

If another participant needs help, the participant must provide this help as well as possible, also when asked.


The event jury consists of three jury members. These jury members check whether all rules are being complied with correctly, decide in the event of disagreement or dispute, may exclude participants from further participation, and are authorized to adjust rules based on ‘common sense’ if necessary. At least two of the three jury members must support these decisions or measures. Every decision is final and cannot be challenged.

Any violation of the rules immediately leads to exclusion from further participation.


The organization of the event makes every effort to minimize the risk of injury for both participants and employees. A risk analysis has been done for this. The organization has safety equipment, vehicles and medically trained care providers.

If the organization is of the opinion that a participant is not sufficiently fit to participate in the event, the two are excluded from further participation in the event.

Unlike large Swimrun races, participants in this event may participate individually. The organization has set up a course where the number of risks is limited as much as possible, and where there is a good view of participants during the swimming components. However, participants must realize that there are risks associated with individual participation; forest and water have an unpredictable nature and can potentially be life-threatening if a participant cannot receive immediate assistance in the event of an emergency (physical deficiencies, fatigue, cramping, hypothermia, high and low energy trauma, sprains, collisions, etc.).

Media and sponsorship

Participants may wear sponsor names on their racing clothes.

The race numbers may not be changed and must be worn at all times.

Politically oriented expressions are not permitted.

Image material & image rights

Participants give the organization permission to collect photo and film material during the event for marketing and promotional purposes for the press, the internet, television, films, etc.

All images and rights from the event are reserved. All unauthorized commercial use of images will be legally addressed.


By participating in the event, the participants agree to the rules in these rules.